Deal structuring and real estate development

We provide advice and assistance on real estate development, across all real estate asset classes to developers, as well as institutional and private investors

– Offices,
– Light industrial,
– Retail,
– Residential.

Thanks to its experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate markets, via its subsidiary REALMUR, the Jean Turon Group can:

  • Intervene at every stage of a development, whether it be a new-build, refurbishment, comprehensive restructuring or renovation.

  • The group provides a full-service offering, especially with regards to :
  • Site selection and sourcing,
  • Feasibility studies and defining technical, legal and financial requirements,
  • Technical design project in collaboration with an architect,
  • Implementation of design & build teams,
  • Produce a project and a financing plan,
  • Defining the sales and letting strategies and implementing them.
  • Thanks to it being independent, the group ensures the rigorous choice of deals and third party service providers.

REALMUR’s main line of work is investing in real estate, either on its own or in partnership with third parties made up of institutional or private investors, as well as developers.

In order to strengthen its financial stability, since 1995, the Jean Turon Group has carried out its own investment activities; its portfolio comprises some twenty assets, which are primarily commercial and residential use properties.

The Jean Turon – REALMUR Group also has a presence in the retail sector via its investment, alongside private investors, in a property company specialising in retail warehouse development, high street retail and retail galleries.

We manage all our projects in-house, which offers us flexibility and an ability to move quickly – which is a distinct advantage for our clients and partners.