Property optimisation & property management

Whether institutional or private, the Jean Turon – REALMUR Group offers investors a comprehensive range of services, in order to maximise the value of their properties.

Property Optimisation

Constantly on the search to provide added value at every stage of a property’s life cycle

As Asset Manager we intervene in all phases of the holding period of the asset :

  • From sourcing potential investment opportunities,
  • Opportunity sourcing,
  • Bid analysis,
  • Definition of technical, legal and economic constraints,
  • Financial structuring and debt sourcing.
  • During the holding period of the asset via:
  • The establishment of a letting strategy,
  • Optimising ROI via continuous analysis of occupancy criteria (analysis of service charge levels compared to market standards in comparable properties, evaluating the appropriate use of property in the local market and analysis of other potential end uses),
  • Establishment of the letting strategy and coordination of re-lettings.
  • Assistance in the disposal process of the asset and sourcing of potential buyers.

Property Management

The Jean Turon Group also offers a property management service for all property types, ranging from whole buildings to co-owned properties.

Our team of specialists is on-hand to help both investors, as well as occupiers, and aims to continue to deliver a tailor-made service that is adapted to every stage of the landlord/tenant relationship.

Thanks to its responsiveness and professional experience, the Jean Turon – REALMUR Group endeavours to establish a relationship based on trust and tenant satisfaction; two key elements at the core of the landlord/tenant relationship.

Private asset management

Our private portfolio asset management services primarily comprise:

  • Property optimisation and lease management with tenants,
  • Optimising property and facility management,
  • Application of management policies in line with environmental regulations and issues,
  • Immediate and adapted response to any problems that tenants encounter,
  • Financial and technical reporting to our clients.