Real estate valuation & advisory services

Whether institutional or private, investors must be able to make a decision on acquiring a property, based on precise details relating to the real estate, legal, financial and technical elements of the deal.

Advisory Services

As an independent company the Jean Turon – REALMUR Group maintains a rigorous set of ethics ensuring its role as an independent advisor to:

  • Put all of its contacts and expertise at the disposal of its clients,
  • Undertake detailed analysis of subject properties in order to provide all necessary elements to facilitate the investor’s decision-making process,
  • Establish appropriate recommendations relating to the intrinsic features of the subject property, whether technical, commercial or legal,
  • Assist in their implementation.


Real Estate Valuation

The Jean Turon – REALMUR Group can also provide its clients with real estate valuations, for all property types across France.

Upon receipt of the relevant information from the client we are committed to:

  • Ensure that all information remains completely confidential,
  • Present a suitable service for real estate valuations: whether they be for internal purposes, bank financing or for a dispute,
  • Conduct valuations in accordance with:
  • The professional real estate valuation standards (Charte de l’Expertise en Évaluation Immobilière) applied by the French Institute of Real Estate Valuation (Institut Français de l’Expertise – IFEI).
  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) “Red Book”.
  • The TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers’ Associations) “Blue Book”.

Examples of the types of valuations that we can provide include:

  • Determination of market rental value
  • Determination of rental value for lease renewal having researched possible reasons for uncapping the rent, and in particular the analysis of local market factors
  • Determination of the rental value review (art L.145-39 of the Commercial Code)
  • Determination of Market Value (vacant or income-producing) for the sale or purchase of a property
  • Valuation of properties under construction or being refurbished
  • Due-diligence valuation and advice prior to acquisition