The Group

Founded in 1985 by Jean Sanchez-Turon, the group has always focused on its core expertise, in order to provide the very best service across the various different fields of real estate development and transactions:

  • Being a compact and yet highly specialised independent company, allows us to keep a tight control on information and make sure projects remain confidential,
  • We respect all market players,
  • Rigorous approach to selecting deals,
  • A tailored approach and an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients,
  • Extensive real estate experience, as well as financial expertise brought to each deal, from project sourcing to completion,
  • And we are always on-hand to answer any business related requests.

The arrival of Julien Sanchez-Turon in 2005 and then Isabelle Sanchez-Turon in 2013 demonstrates the group’s commitment to driving the business forwards and continuing to strengthen the Group; especially in terms of Advisory and Investment services.